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God dam (noun): usually someone, sometimes something, which blocks the creational flow of God.
a blasphemer that calls themselves God.
a schizophrenic who thinks they have God like powers. thinks they have created something with God like powers.
someone who critisizes Gods plan, constantly analyzes God, or even forces their own interpretation of God on another human being, animal, or plant.

: an idea that causes you to doubt in, or attempt to block, the almighty, fluid, and ever-present, passing, creating, and manifesting powers of God.

man #1: "how am i apart of Gods plan?"(God dam)

man #2 "shut up.."

girl #1: "i can make it rain"
girl #2: " i wonder if i can make it rain too?!"(situation is a 'God dam')
Destiny/fate(is an idea which, by nature, is a God dam)
by asianlady August 30, 2008
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