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A band that's music is a mixture of Crunkcore, rap, hip-hop, and screamo. The band members names being Mikl, Se7en, Antz, and Phat J. They write music to make people happy and they care most about pleasing their fans. They don't give a shit what haters thing. They say "Keep on hatin, but if you don't like it don't listen to it mayne." In my opinion they are one of the best bands in the world they consider themselves a family btw.
Thomas: Hey man.

Ryan: Hey mayne waz up?

Thomas: Nothin much what did you just say?

Ryan: What Mayne? Yeah I learned it from Brokencyde!

Thomas: What's Brokencyde?

Ryan: My favorite band here wait I'll let you listen to them. (Takes out ipod and put an ear bud in Thomas's ear)

Thomas: Oh My fuck there great i'm so getting there songs on my Ipod when I get home. What did you say there name was?

Ryan: Brokencyde!
by ashellnic January 02, 2012

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