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A UK based drift forum and parts shop, owned by D1GB champion Phil Morrison who all the forum members suck up to. The forum members are mainly keyboard warriors who spend all their time arguing on the forum and hardly ever attend drift days.
New member: Looking to get into drifting, what car should I get?

Forum regular: Use the search button noob, I own an S13 and I have 10k posts on Driftworks so I know better than you!
by asdf518 July 23, 2010
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A stupid unfunny internet meme that is older than Chuck himself, but is still used today. The meme is mostly used by dumb 13 year old kids who think that it makes them cool.
Chuck Norris once told Chuck Norris a Chuck Norris joke. But Chuck Norris didn't laugh. Because Chuck Norris Facts aren't funny.
by asdf518 August 21, 2010
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