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Jobim is one of the most beautiful name that a man can ever have. A guy with a name Jobim is captivating, irreplaceable, unforgettable, beautiful, talented and near to perfection.
Jobim's always have a high self confidence, sometimes they are arrogant and sarcastic, but they are also humble. Jobim's have a good sense of humor, they are funny, cool and cute.
Jobim's are good looking, so a lot of people is falling in love with jobim. Jobim's can cook and Jobim's are athletic.

When you fall in love with jobim, it is going to be hard for you to forget them because they are perfect.
When a Jobim falls in love, they are going to do anything just for you to know his feelings. Jobim's are faithful and sincere when it comes to love. They believe in true love. they just don't want anyone to know.
When Jobim falls in love with you, you're the luckiest. don't break their heart, they deserve to be loved. Jobim's loves too hard.
"i have a crush, he looks so good. he's so funny. he never failed to make me laugh and smile. He is talented. He's perfect to me"
" wow. you are so in love! what's he's name by the way?"
by ariananonymous September 18, 2014

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