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The Devil's Acronym contains the following letters: END, which stand for "Evil Never Dies".

In the early 1800s, it was a saying that people who indulged in heresy or occultism would say to people of religion, during dates that they believed the apocalypse or a doomsday was to occur on Earth. It is more commonly used in modern times.
"On the 19th of October in 1814, we'll see where your 'God' is now once the Devil has brought you down to the ground while we continue to rise."
"END, the Devil's Acronym shall be brought into place on the new "Holy Bible".
by apͦcalypƨɘ March 02, 2019

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When in all caps (with or without context), it is an acronym for "Evil Never Dies". The phrase can date back to around 1800, but is used more commonly in the 21st century.
"Doomsday is approaching. This time the Christians will remember the Devil's Acronym: END."
by apͦcalypƨɘ March 02, 2019

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