2 definitions by antiklaus

1. a) so delicious as to be a slight against the tenants of the Christian religion, and/or the Chistian God, or Jesus.
b) a portementeau of sacreligeous and delicious
c) a portmenteau of sacred and delicious.

2. Something amusingly sacreligious, ie. 'deliciously' sacreligious.
Example 1. a) "Jamba juice smoothies are sacrilicious!"

b)"Whoa, the real angel we put in that angel food cake makes it utterly sacrilicious."

c) "Man, this body of Christ is really sacrilicious!"

Example 2. "Dogma is one sacrilicious flick!"
by antiklaus August 7, 2006
1. An irony of fate so intensely felt it's effects are almost tangible.
2. An irony with the atomic weight of 207.2.
1. Leadony, when irony just isn't heavy enough...

2. The alchemist, trying for gold, instead turned iron into leadony.
by antiklaus August 7, 2006