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A variation of crop dusting with one fatal flaw... they don't get up & walk around the office to distribute their air biscuits. They plant them & leave.
A co-worker had gas, they sat in their chair & quietly planting daisies. Then, got up and left the room for 30 minutes allowing his co-workers to bask in his stenchy glory.
by antifart April 13, 2010

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Fillerphile: Any person that, when speaking or participating in a conversation they clearly know nothing about, will insert numerous pointless filler words in an attempt to make it sound more interesting.

This trait is common among the 20-something generation (the GIMME / Failure to launch generation) and office retards that are just lucky to have jobs because they know someone at the company.

Offenders typically touch their their chins when talking and nod a lot giving the illusion they understand.
I actually do really know that I am completely 1/2 American.

Fillerphile is not used in conversation. It's a defining term.
by antifart July 11, 2012

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