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collin is most of the time a toolbag with no life.
collin has no friends and cant get a girl friend.
collin is a wannaB and a poser.
collin normaly has a really cool brother who steels all of his luster and the people in his grade thinks his brother is cooler then him.
kid 1 "that kid is such a collin"
kid 2 "who are u talking about"
kid 1 " the kid who lots like a toolbag"
kid 2 "ooooo now i know who your talking about"
kid 1 yeah but that kid may be a tool but his brother is pretty cool"
kid 2 " yeah i think i might hang out with the toolbags brother"
kid 1 " same the tools brother looks like a cameron"
kid 2 " i know its awsome he looks like a beast"
by anti_toolbag November 01, 2010
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