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Radically awesome

A Certain person who happens to be socially defected to the point of where they "hate" on every awesome thing they see, such as the begining of Kung-Fu Panda when it mentions people are blinded by Po's pure awesome-ness.
Those blinded people can choose to adore, or not.
The one's who choose not.....
Wev'e all witnessed that.. (;
Person 1- Omg, Bill Clinton is my HERO. I LOVE this man!!!
Person 2(hater)- No, don't look up to him. Or soon enough you will be getting pleasure sessions from your secratary in your office because your too thick headed and disconcerting to be true to other people but instead you just want to live in one slefish moment and pleasure yourself. Then your reputation will be ruined.
Person 1- Dude.....i was joking.....
by anonymouspersonyeahthatsme February 02, 2011
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