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Pipers like to dwell on old chat topics, and sometimes randomly bring them up for up to 30 minutes later when everyone is done discussing them. Piper enablers enable this regurgitation of old topics by responding to Pipers as if the comments they make are actually somewhat relevant, therefore sidetracking the chat on hand. A typical response to both Pipers and Piper enablers is "insert name here, whats you fucking problem?".
Random: Hendrix isn't the best
---30 minute timelapse---
Random2: Please identification this jazz fusion song!
Piper: Yeah, I do have to agree that Hendrix isn't the best
Piper enabler: Yeah, his guitar work was kinda sloppy and John Petrucci is so much better anyway. Dream Theaterzzzzzz 4 lyfe!!
Random2: Hey Piper enabler, WHATS YOU FUCKING PROBLEM?????
by anonymouse666 October 12, 2009
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