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deaoghnjlikadxg,hjkaquhnda s
deaoghnjlikadxg,hjkaquhnda s
by anonymous6496782 August 30, 2019
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someone who doesn't like big chungus, they should be shot on sight
big chungus hater: i don't like big chungus, he is not funny
big chungus fan: die!!!!
by anonymous6496782 January 5, 2021
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a cat that has black fur
person 1: what is a black cat
person 2: a cat that is black
by anonymous6496782 September 15, 2019
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fuck sex penis cum
fuck sex penis cum
by anonymous6496782 September 20, 2019
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One of the things Walter Clements likes, the other being fire trucks.
i like fire trucks and moster trucks
by anonymous6496782 February 2, 2020
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Someone who really likes Terriers
Terriorist: My Terrier is so awesome, way better than your shitty Labrador.
by anonymous6496782 February 16, 2020
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A Nazi submarine that suffered failure on launch twice.
U-569 makes the contact and leads them.
U-94 scores a kill in the dark.
U-124 sinking 4 in 2 approaches.
U-406 suffers failure on launch agaiiin!
by anonymous6496782 August 24, 2019
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