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First off, the "Minnesota accent" is an urban legend. No such thing exists. The people in Minnesota have your standard upper Midwestern accent. Travel through surrounding states, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc... and you'll find that you won't encounter a special Minnesota accent. There is a lot of truth in the stereotypes you hear, but the accent is simply a legend. Second, to the ignorant person who said that Minnesota is some hick state full of conservative hillbillies, think again. Minnesota is in fact very progressive, and has a decent metropolitan area. It is not hick country. Sure, we lack good weather or beaches, sure there aren't mega-cities like New York, sure New York and San Francisco are probably billions of times more exciting then the Twin Cities and sure the geology in Minnesota can seem dull. But what we lack in geology we make up for in greenery. Unlike barren Nevada and Utah, Minnesota is very lush and green. Also, unlike New York and San Francisco, things are quite cheap here. In conclusion, don't base your opinion of Minnesota off the garbage Hollywood and TV feed you.
Holywood says: Minnesota=hick country, Rational person says: Minnesota=perfectly ordinary state not terribly exciting but certainly not hick country,
by anonymous person #2 January 17, 2007
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