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A DPC (Drunken Pussy Cunt) is aterm that describes a girl who is easy, which is to say that she is not in a formal relationship and will easily have sexual relations with any person that strikes her fancy. She gets invited to Drunken Pussy Circus' in order to be liquered up and willingly exploited by guys who want to engage in sexual randomness. She will do anything to get guys attentions including but not limited too: Making out with other girls (and other guys girls!), getting naked for boys, drink, smoke, and give oral sex freely.
Amy's such a DPC (Drunken Pussy Cunt), she was flashing everyone all night!

Yo man, John's having a bunch of DPC's (Drunken Pussy Cunt) at his house

by annettev March 29, 2006
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A Drunken Pussy Circus is a get-together, usually at someone's house, where guys will invite easy girls and sluts with the intention of getting them drunk. Then the guys get them to do dumb stuff like take off their clothes, kiss each other, and engage in sexual activites with them. This term also includes meetings where people just want to drink, smoke, and have random sexual relations because they have nothing better to do. A girl who gets invited to a DPC is know as a Drunken Pussy Cunt (also, a DPC).
Last night John's house was one wild Drunken Pussy Circus (DPC), it was off the hook!
by annettev March 29, 2006
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