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A lady from russia. Most of the time, a good dancer, very flexible, cheeky, crazy woman, funny, charistmatic.
easily nom nom nomed on.
one who has quite a bit of patience because everyone fails at pronouncing their lastname.
dude, there's the russian chick.
i met her yesterday, she's a dobrokhodova or something like that.
by anna.ba.nana March 18, 2009
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used for theatre, it is when a newbie had their first show, and misses everything about it once it is over, and feels heartbroken as if they were in a relationship.

-dwelling on little details, inside jokes, days, rehearsals..
-saying, "Remember when..."
-moping around and missing every little thing.
A:: "I'm going to miss Servant! The set we worked on for so long, the cast, we had such a GREAT cast!! You guys are all like family to me, we were all so close! And Candle.. and backstage, acting goofy on those couches, and the food, and the costumes, and Larry(director) yelling at us all, and Alexis never learning her latin, and that one rehearsal on halloween, and all the emotional drama.. and the improv, and and..."
L:: "Girl, you've got a MAJOR case of First Show Syndrome."

Moira: "You gonna miss Midsummer's?"
Wayne: "Hell yeah, it's like home."
Moira: "First show here?"
Wayne: "Yup. It was so great."
Moira: "Well, don't get too much First Show Syndrome"
by anna.ba.nana March 29, 2009
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