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Killua is a character from the popular anime and manga series, Hunter x Hunter. He is the protagonist, Gon’s, best friend. He is probably gay (I mean have you seen the way he acts around Gon? Sorry “the boys”, but friends don’t blush and stare lovingly at each other, as he does to Gon, multiple times throughout the anime.
Gon: Killua stop staring at me, that’s hella sus!
by anime_definitions September 22, 2020

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A character in the widely popular anime, Ouran High School Host Club. He is the main protagonist, Haruhi’s, love interest. Tamaki is the literal definition of being gay, but also homophobic, at the same time. This is very obvious, especially when seeing his flamboyant attitude, and the nickname he has for his fellow host club member, Kyoya (mommy). Their antics are extremely entertaining to watch, although we will never get to watch them again, because we are never getting a second season, wether you choose to believe it or not.
Tamaki: Mommy, look at haruhi!
Kyoya: That’s classic Tamaki behavior right there.
Hitachiin twins: *incest*
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by anime_definitions September 22, 2020

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