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East Islip is that of a small community with residing residents that are usually on the wealthy elite side. Residents often throw huge bashes and balls, and of course "coming out" parties- referring to a girl when she turns 16 of course. Although East Islip is a rich community the wealthy residents tend to reside south of montauk (main street). Theyre children attend top notch schools such as Timber Point (Eastern side of East Islip Goes there along with Great River Children) and Jfk (werstern side and children near the moorings attend there) the other elementary schools are RCk and Connectquit but those who attend the schools tend not to be all too wealthy. Then you have East Islip Middle School. Home of the Redmen. It is the school of elite children bound to inherit millions/billions one day. Of course you have your cliques like anywhere else but in East Islip the cliques are a little different. Of course you have your preps, skaters, etc.. but then you have your old money, and new money cliques, your millionairs and your billionairs, but all in all the students are getting that of an a+ education.The homes of East Islip tend to be well kept mansions or regular sized homes. But mostly your inbetween mansions and average sized. Most residents in East Islip send theyre kids to public school but for those who opped for private normally send them to St. Marys or Hewletter - a boarding school for the super rich. East Islip (south of Montauk) is made up of small little rich communities such as Hollins Estates, The Moorings, Percy Williams Cove, Country Village, and Deer Run. Most residents drive nice expensive cars such as mercedes bmw range rover bently and rolls royce. Even the East Islip teachers make a good sum of money. Out of the 400 teachers over a 100 make more than a hundred thousand a year. Which is a pretty good salary. Most families own boats and travel to Fire Island for the summers. Most of which own second home on the near island off shore. Residents also send theyre kids to some of the best camps and sleep-away camps New York and California can offer. Also most families go on huge vacations usually to the carribean or Europe.
When i first came here to live i was like "ok its a normal little town" but the first day i attended school at the East Islip Middle School i realized i was sadly mistaken. The kids wore expensive clothing such as armani, gucci, prada, coach, abercrombie for GYM!!!!!!!!, dooney and bourke, hollister, american eagle, jacob marc, etc etc....
Even the teachers were dressed fab. I mean the students didnt have your normal marble notebooks no way they had personalized binders, book, everything. I mean they had cell phones, palm pilots, blackberries, etc.. I felt and still feel totally out of place in this obviousily rich town.
by andrea zappata July 20, 2006

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