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the terrible affliction that all males know comes along on hot days. it usually ends up with a stinky aroma coming from your crotch in the afternoon unless wiped thoroughly.
damm man, walking to work today and had the worst bumsweat going on, needed to go straight to work and wipe my arse! gonna stink later anat.
by anat October 22, 2003
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A type of pokie machine played after a good serving of Bosci.
Historically the pkie that began the pokie machine revolution
Are we playing "chicken-be" after lunch today ?
by Anat October 19, 2003
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a very enlightened, sometimes angry dope smoking freak, who enjoys cooking and making coffee and hash cookies for mate, and can't hold a license.
fuck, fooch got fucked up again on those cookies, and drove! what a fooch!
by anat October 22, 2003
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