3 definitions by americanrain

An affair in which a male or female spouse are cheating on the other spouse with their side hoe/nigga.
Man: I can't believe that she got caught in her extramarital affair!

Man: Well dude, she was always a bit of a thot.
by americanrain March 16, 2015
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A talentless, irritating person who gets on everyones nerves. Often used as an insult (in my school)
Person 1: Omg I'm so irrelevant, but yet I can sing.

Person 2: Can you shut up you suckfish.
by americanrain October 17, 2014
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One who's extremely annoying and has no social life whatsoever. One who's extremely irritating and talentless and has a reputation for being a thot.
Felicia: Why you gotta be such a bitch sometimes?
Felicity: Why you gotta be a milleniul ass mop?
by americanrain November 24, 2014
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