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A Tijuana Taco is the turned-up or folded-up bill of a baseball cap being worn by anyone that is used (almost exclusively by the filthy fucking mexican) as the perfect temporary storage device for their taco when they are taking a shit.
Oh mang, i reelee got to take a cheet but eef i poot down my deeleeshees taco somebodies ees going to steels eet. Wait a meenit, i done haves to poot eet down i can juss poot eet heer on dee tops of my deesgusteen bazeball cap dat ees so conbeeneeinly locadid on my greesee, feelthee head seence i already have dee reem of my cap foldeed up like dee tijuana taco my mother teech mee to make !! ...ALL ACCENTS USED IN THIS EXAMPLE WERE TRANSLATED VERY CAREFULLY FROM ENGLISH TO BEANER BY A REAL AMERICAN OTHERWISE KNOWN AS A WHITE MAN, SO PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE THE PROPER DUMB-ASS BEANER ACCENT WHEN READING, OR, IF YOU ARE ALSO A WHITE PERSON, LIKE ME, JUST PRETEND THAT YOU ARE RETARDED.
by amandahuginlick March 10, 2010

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