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One of the most boringest places in the world unless you have good friends and a car to get the fuck out of there. Everyones a wannabe gangsta and wishes they lived in da bronx even though theyd probably get shanked up there. The south part, the venice and copiague harbor, is full of lacrosse playing deuchebags and stereotypical white girls who try to act deuces and then have the fucking nerve to day our part of towns "the ghetto". "The gheto" is north copiague where all the polish, salvi, and dominican ppl live and is supposedly so dangerous even though everyone plays fuckin DDD at night like losers. Everyone is basically pretty smart but dont give a shit and most of the the money goes to buying golfcarts for the middle and high school where we all learn. Alot of people go to good schools (Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, NYU, Duke, etc...) but a quarter of the school goes to Nassua County Community College and then balme the school when they drop out. Tanner park smells bad and is the boringest shit ever where all american WASPS hang out even though theyre actually catholic. Everyone owns a sidekick and atleast a pair a nikes or converses and maybe a coach bag. Wannabe Compton or the Hamptons depending on who you are.
Mark: Hey Sylwia where do you live?

Sylwia: Cabota, like near north Copiague, near the high school.

Mark: Fuck you live in the ghetto polish shit (tries to sound gangsta)

Sylwia: What the hell...
by alili July 06, 2009

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