3 definitions by alienware 4tw

The ultimate Gaming machine and the ultimate nerd accessory. People buy it because it is a status symbol to have one, and it gives yopu bragging rights over all other people who don't have Alienware's. Even if a guy with a Dell has better hardware than a guy with an Alienware, the Alienware is still better
"Dude I got an Alienware."
"Bastard I want one"
by alienware 4tw April 28, 2005
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Aliens will never visit earth because they will see our reality tv shows and think we're all dumbasses who need to be killed.
by alienware 4tw May 15, 2005
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A cool rapper who pimps peoples rides at West Coast Customs.
yo xzibit pimped my ride
by alienware 4tw May 09, 2005
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