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a person who wears loud shoes, male or female. Generally one who has low self esteem and has to wear loud noisy shoes to make them selves feel important.

1. version one-stuck up, rich, snotty, egotistical, people who you can hear walking from way down the hall or street. these people are hard to deal with and think that the world revolves around them(negative version)

2. version two-a normal person who has to dress up for work or social gatherings and fit in the clipclops listed above (not a negative term)

Clipclops usually carry large bags/purses...men carry murses. They usually wear designer labels, dont be fooled some wannabe clipclops do not as they can not afford the CLIPCLOP LIFESTYLE. Can be spotted looking down upon other people and don't care how annoying their CLIPCLOP SHOES ARE!!!!!!!!!!
"Here comes Mary, she is such a "clipclop"...with her coach sunglasses and purse...you can always here her coming from down the hall with her clipclop shoes"

"Tonight are you going to the awards banquet" Yes and i will be wearing my clipclop attire"

Please stop acting like a Clipclop
by alien13 October 23, 2009

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