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A realm that thinks Mythic Entertainment hates them and that they favor albs (Albion) and mids (Midgard) when really, they're being a bunch of whiners, because Mythic favors no one.
Hib1: oh, woes me, the alb just ganked me! Everyone hates us!
Alb: Shut the hell up.
by alb January 03, 2005
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Despite the fact that they are not the realm I occupy, Midgard is in fact pretty cool. They zerg just like Albion and Hibernia, and I haven't heard of one complaining about unfairness like Hibernia. They're the ones who usually get ganked nowadays by the other two realms.

One of the three realms of Dark Age of Camelot.
Midgard isn't that bad, but no way I'd ever leave Albion.
by alb January 03, 2005
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A team I actually like, along with the Yankees. However, I like the Yankees more. Want to know why? The Red Sox fans are sauntering around, saying the Yankees suck, while they've won the first World Series since 19-freaking-18. Face it guys, the Yankees are better than you. At least for now. If you keep winning the World Series, you'll be the better team. But you haven't truly proven yourselves yet. Yankees are out of your league.
Mazel tov for the win in 2004, though. I was rooting for you.
by alb March 03, 2005
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