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Being so overly obsessed with vampires, twilight, vampire diaries, and any other book, show or toy relating to the mythilogical creatures of the night. These "followers" tend to get excited for random events that no one else knows about. Usually wearing black, they attempt to blend into the crowd, and attempt to cast spells and bite peoples necks. Unfortunatly, we refer to this kind as an unknowing vampsesor, for they still think they have powers, when in reality, they dont.
Austin- Hey man, whats up?
Alex-Nothing man, just trying to get away from that freaky girl in class
Alex- She refers to herself as Carlyle... kindof weird... but shes a has major vampsesity.
Austin-ahh... i gotta get away too...
Alex- yeah... she keeps looking at that book that she's read for the 500th time... what a vampsesor
Austin- Another one bites the dust
by alanx303 March 03, 2010
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The act of waking up in the morning and wondering if you were sexually violated by a black man last night, when in reality, you were.
"Dude did you make it home last night?"
"Yeah, but I have a strange suspicion I had a nigerian nightmare".
by alanx303 January 30, 2010
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