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Some kind of social class (very common in Spain, although in South American countries are known with other names and similar features) which have the reputation of being jerks and they usually go in group to mess with people. They have a particular way to dress (shabby tracksuits, fake gold necklaces...), and they usually have low levels of intelligence since they left high school as soon they could.

Some of them pretend to be "Canis" as a trend, but to be honest some of them are "Canis" since they were born. Both types of "Canis" cannot write and talk properly since they are pretty affected by a large amount of weed consumption. Another important feature of "Canis" is their vehicles, they must have a tiny motorcycle that makes a lot of noise. They also think that they are the kings of their neighborhood, and they try to mess with all the people they come across (always in group), though they are not very dangerous they will try that you give them 1 euro.

They usually live in the outskirts neighborhoods of the big cities, and they don't usually leave its neighborhood boundaries, unless they go to a "Cani discotheque" where they all gather (with cani girls that are called "Chonis") and dance in an embarrassing way.
Me: "I went to visit my girlfriend, and I saw that she lives in a neighborhood which is full of canis."
Friend: "You should break up with her, too much time living with those canis, will make her become one of them."
Me: "Yeah, but she's not like that, I should get her out of there and bring her to my place."
Friend: "Hurry up bro!"
by airliner December 28, 2014

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Name given to your grandfather in an affectionate way. It is mostly used in Spain.
For the grandmother the name is "Yaya". This would be similar to call them grandpa / granny in English.
Me: Iremos a comer a casa de los yayos?
Mom: Sí, pero después no te quejes de que te hacen comer mucha comida.

Me: Will we go to have lunch at grandpa's?
Mom: Yeah, but don't complain if they make you eat a lot of food.
by airliner December 29, 2014

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