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Holds a few meanings. And was established at Western Illinois University c. 2008

A situation, comment or story that makes you laugh as if you were high.

Something that happened while you were high that was so funny that while reminiscing about it sober, makes you laugh as if you were high.

When in public conversing with some one you know is down, in front of others who are not down, it is a code to let them know that the particular funny instance happened while being high.
Yea bro, it was 1:30 in the morning and we had just arrived on adams street that night, Erik yells, "Its a beautiful night to fuck a chick in the ass!" it was High-larious.
by advtrkers December 01, 2011

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A very old school shout out that originally came from the inner cities of the east coast (North East Virginia). It saw a revival through a small clique of the smartest, most hansom, sarcastic party boys and adventure seekers of Western Illinois University c. 2005-2010. It would be directly translated as Hey Yo, but evolved to become the second to last party calling card of the secret brotherhood of... (you don't get to know the name)
FML where is Neal I'm tripping balls right now and this fat chick won't stop trying blow me.... AEERO!
by advtrkers January 24, 2011

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