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UdFlood is a flood of words that are posted as new definitions to Urban Dictionary but which invariably meet one or more of the following specifications:

The poster's name - first, last, both, it doesn't matter.

The name of the person the poster has the hots for

The name of the person the poster dislikes in any degree

A made up name for a highly unlikely activity, one that is claimed to take place between two or more people, one that involves bodily excretions of any type, and which would result in the transmission of some noxious bacteria or substances from one to another if actually performed.

A made up word which supports the poster's view of a particular band, political party, ideology, way of life, etc.
Have you read urban dictionary lately? There's a fucking udflood going on. Damn, somebody let the children loose on the internet again. Another good idea turns to shit.
by acidofoloush February 04, 2010
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