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the sound made when a person is having a stroke. can have any combination of h's n's and g's. Best used in mid-sentence.
The weather sure is fi-HHHNNNGGG

He told me last week that he wa-HNNNNGGGGG
by aceshigh1091 March 30, 2008

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word said to very gayly trick someone into thinking you said dollars.
Bob- "hey man ill give you twenty doll hairs to eat that piece of shit."

Bob2- "ok ma- HEY WAIT A MINUTE."

Bob- "0mG LOlZZZ RoFlMaYo I GOT YOU!!!!!11"
by aceshigh1091 April 30, 2008

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When someone takes greens from a bowl, this is the term to describe the smoke that rises off the bowl that resembles a jellyfish
bob: yo man hit that shit hard, you got greens.
joe: nice. *takes hit*
bob: oh damn, nice jellyfish
by aceshigh1091 January 05, 2008

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really fucking cool. totally awesome.
That guy's car is rate cool.
by aceshigh1091 March 29, 2008

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Burping up smoke sometime after the smoking was done. The person was to lazy to exhale so they kept it in. and let it out later.
joe: Look at all that smoke, you lazy nigger
by aceshigh1091 January 05, 2008

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