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(Not the movie with Matt Damon)

going to Goodwill thrift stores (optionally in full camoflauge) in search for pieces of novel, or actual, value.

successful hunts yield: t-shirts, valor jackets, good music cds/cassettes/records, furniture
i went goodwill hunting the other day, found an original Dr Dre The Chronic disc, and a tye-die shirt with three grizzly bears
by aaron_ros September 10, 2010
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Econocentrism is judging another economic system solely by the values and standards of one's own economic system. Econocentric individuals judge advocates for other economic systems relative to their own economic system, especially with concern for underlying supply and demand principles, with or without formalizing the value of intangible assets like human emotional development or environmental sustainability, and the monolithic implied trustworthiness of market dynamics.

These distinctions and subdivisions among various economic systems serve to define each economists unique philosophical and academic identity. Econocentrism may be overt or subtle, and while it is considered a natural proclivity of western democratic and humanitarian values, it has developed a generally negative connotation as a result of the contemporary outcome of globalized neo-liberal and free-market economic dominance, which has been observed as producing obscene wealth and income inequality, robust destruction of the life supporting planetary ecosystem, and the dismantling of the ability of national political institutions to serve the best interests of their largest constituencies.
The Grove City College holds a peculiar variation of econocentrism, as its core economic curricula is structured to communicate the theory of free-market economics as most notably presented by Von Mises. This economic system and theory is an outlier among other US colleges and universities, which predominantly are econocentrist, to the context of neo-liberal economics.
by aaron_ros June 09, 2016
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How far a given human being is from fresh hot bacon. This index value is an indicator of quality of life in both first and third world countries.

the BPI is the product of a number of variables
1. distance travel needed
2. modes of travel needed
3. local, relative cost of bacon
4. time required for bacon preparation
5. quality of bacon available
6. risks to be undertaken to achieve the bacon
I'm in Denny's right now bro, my Bacon Proximity Index (BPI) is at the absolute maximum value known in the universe.

triple the bacon on my bacon sundae.
by aaron_ros April 25, 2013
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its a mullet haircut with some mohawk flavor thrown in on top for extra spice.
is it 80s night here, or is that dude actually sporting a mullhawket.
by aaron_ros January 23, 2009
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