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ok so where to start. you may think that central or eastern are the better middle schools in greenwich connecticut. but in the end western is the way to go. You may think we are the ' ghetto ' school. but serously, there is NO ghetto in greenwich. the only reason why people have the idea that greenwich is ghetto is because it is next to portchester. however ; were still in greenwich, with people who live in back country.. aka were not ghetto. we have a diverse amount of people, like hispanics, blacks, whites, asians, ect.. but in the end, we are just the same as the other schools. besides eastern. eastern is the school where they dont know how to use a vaccume cleaner, better yet, dont know what a vaccume cleaner is. and seriously, were the chill school who has their own street, western jr highway babyyy
so in the end, say that you think wms is ghetto, well believe me, its not. and you might think that eastern is the richest school, central get the best test scores. but western 1. has the best students 2. has the best athledic scores and 3. has teachers who arnt fake and will accualy talk to you like a real person. compared to the other schools where the teachers do what ever the kids say so taht mommy and daddy buy them a good gift at teacher apreciation week. WESTERN WILDCATS ALL DAY EVERY DAY
representt yo <3
glenville, ham. ave. , new leb. and the better half of parkway
student 1- " your from western? what are you a g or something. are you going to beat me up because your from western."
wms student- "hahahahahahahahahah oh wow"
student 2- "hmm i never knew western students knew what polo was or ralph lauren? i never thought they would be so normal"
wms student-" wow, in greenwich WESTERN MIDDLE SCHOOL students probobly wear more polos and all that than you do, so just get out. stuid"

by a true wms student July 29, 2007

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