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A word weebs use to describe their non-existant girlfriends.
Person 1: A waifu is kinda like my real girlfriend, non-existant.
Weeb: How dare you offend my girlfriend, she is totally real and she gives me pleasure every night.
Person 1: Yep, you belong in the fucking trash.
by a squatting slav September 20, 2018

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A currency used in the popular game Fortnite
Kids are stealing their moms visas to get this shit, it's fucking crazy.
It's just annoying.
Fortnite is annoying.
v-bucks are fucking gay
omggggggg, you dislike fortain
by a squatting slav October 08, 2018

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What Jimmy's father uses to make his son better.
Person 1: Jimmy, what the fuck is on your cheeks?
Jimmy: My father smacked me with a leather belt.
Person 1: Good for you, since you play Roblox.
by a squatting slav September 20, 2018

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the man lives in garbage.
eats the garbage
fucks the garbage
feeds the garbage
smacks the garbage
prays to the garbage
shits the garbage
urinates the garbage
lives like the garbage
person 1: the trash mang raped mah girl yes, hurr durr
person 2: he rapes everyone.
person 3: he's my uncle john.
person 2: die
person 1: oof
person 3: no u
doornegy: die
doornegy has been kicked from the session
by a squatting slav October 11, 2018

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roblox porn
it fucking exists
it's so bad
Person 2: Dude, do you know robloxxx?
Person 1: What's that?
Person 2: Oh, you don't know?
Person 1: Fuck no, just tell me.
Person 2: It's what you masturbate to.
Person 1: Oooh, you mean roblox porn?
Person 2: Yes.
by a squatting slav November 07, 2018

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