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Defined as the bad quality burgers served in less than desirable joints which when cooked give off a horrible garlic type smell which resonates through the air for miles from the restaurant extractor. Normally found on the province of Magaloof on the Spanish island of Majorca.
Dude “Man, what is that disgusting smell that keeps blowing down wind?

Chick “Dude, it’s those Garlic-Mingin’-Burgers they serve down there…you can get a frickin’ egg put on top too, how weird is that man?!

Local Amigo “Hey man, that be some mighty fine local fricassee you be cussin’ there!”
by _clint November 8, 2010
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Defined as Garlic-Mingin’-Breath – the condition of disgusting halitosis garlic breath from having eaten garlic riddled food, most commonly the night before
Chick: “Dude, what on earth have you been eating?!”

Dude: “Man, I ate some fine looking fricassee for dinner last night but it’s given me real bad G-M-B this morning.”
by _clint October 28, 2010
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Defined as the over indulgence in garlic riddled food the night before, leaving you with symptoms similar to that of a drink fuelled hangover.
Dude “Oh man, I got a real bad garlic hangover from last night!

Chick “I don’t understand…do you mean you had a heavy night on the liqor?”

Dude “No dude, we got take-out for dinner and I had one of those Garlic-Mingin’-Burgers with a frickin’ egg on top…feels like I drank like 10 beers or something man, and it’s given me real bad G-M-B too.”
by _clint November 8, 2010
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