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A place where they treat people aged 0-17 like babies. They brainwash kids so they wont play phone and also to make them read books. Its operated by boomers.
Parent: What's the age limit for Facebook
Parent 2: I don't know, check commonsensemedia!
by _RPGMaster_ September 09, 2020

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*Disclaimer*: For informational purposes only. If you or a loved one is suffering from Amogus, please seek treatment immediately.

Amogus is the inability to dissociate reality from the video game Among Us. Symptoms are: recognition of objects from among us, or calling people 'sus' or calling emergency meetings. The best solution is prevention; replace items that can create thoughts of Among Us, such as trash cans. Never, ever watch content related to Amogus. If going to an

Amogus-heavy website, quickly find the content you are looking for, and ignore anything related to Among Us.

If you do have Amogus though, it is best to seek treatment by talking with other people for recovery. Seek treatment immediately and quarantine yourself in a room without access to YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Among Us and anything that gives thoughts of Among Us. Remove all objects that are associated with among us in your room.

PS: It's just a joke, it does not affect your physical/mental health.
Someone with Amogus: That trash can looks sus.

Someone without Amogus: I think you have the Amogus Syndrome, I'll ask for help. Meanwhile, quarantine yourself in a room free of Among-Us related items.
by _RPGMaster_ July 08, 2021

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