2 definitions by _OMJ_

1. To go all gangsta on smartphone forums

2. to “rep” blue

3. have 27 kids by the time you are 30

4. to score 1100 on the SAT

5. to love Disneyworld but not be able to afford to go

6. to flash phones to cricket for money

7. Having the ability to be unbanned on internet forums based on the merit of your upbringing and not taking into account the rules that all others must follow.

8. The desire to be spponfed information to avoid reading.
chopperthedog was akaineing the shit out of sbrissen last night
by _OMJ_ May 11, 2011
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1. - to rereleasing something without meaningful changes or credit to the creator. B and C definitions to follow

2. - To overstate ones impact or significance to the nth degree.

3. - To commit an act of or just generally act with an air of douchebagery
Nitsuj17 was totally synacking it yesterday
by _OMJ_ March 30, 2011
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