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A year of disappointment. After a shitty year (2017) we were all hoping that this year will be to be a year of improvement for the human race , but we were all wrong. Not even halfway through the year and I've already given up.
January: Logan Paul Suicide Forest and North Korea

February: Parkland School Shooting
March: Brazil Removed Amazon Rain Forest Protections/ Earthquake in New Guinea
April: Waiting for something bad to happen
Me(2017): I hate life.
Me(New Year's Eve): Can't wait for a new start

Me(January 2nd, 2018): I hate life again.
by _King_Daniels_ May 24, 2018

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Poorly thought out and inefficient way of preparing teens for adulthood

The school staff is full of middle-aged cucks or teachers, principals, and counselors for short.

Counselors like to take little situations way out of proportions.

Teachers take pleasure in seeing all of our hopes and dreams crushed. They only way you could prevent this is to become a “teacher's pet” and you’re forced to basically suck them off until graduation. Routines include a large amount of homework with a only one day to complete it, unexpected quizzes with questions that don’t relate to any of the topics you learned/worked on, and not putting in grades on time but when they do it’s late credit.

Principles don’t really do anything besides mingle around the school.

“Education System”
We learn pointless things and do pointless things that won’t benefit at all. Why learn how do taxes for a business when you can make clay pots in art class? High school credits don’t make sense at all and you have to do extracurricular things just so you can graduate. The only useful core class is math everything else is basically useless

Not worth it just wait until you get home

I would mention the cancerous students but I just hit the character limit :/

All in all high school is just a waste what’s supposed to be “The best years of your life”.
Elementary Student: So high school gonna be?
Me: A complete waste of life just drop out while you can.

(High School in 2017)
by _King_Daniels_ November 09, 2017

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