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A band originally from Britian who mispelled song titles, but had very creative lyrics. They were very popular in Britian, with a large amount of hit singles. But, they barily had any hit singles. However, one band known as Quiet Riot covered "Cum on Feel the Noize," which was a mega hit here in America. Very innovative
Jack: What you listening to man?
Zack: Cum on Feel the Noize by Quiet Riot, made in 1983.
Jack: Did you know that particular song was originally created by Slade?
Zack: Really?
Jack: You got it.
by Zwoo June 03, 2007
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The bands mispelled song titles purposefully, drugs or not, I don't know
Ray: Why do Slade mispell their song titles?
Nathan: They did that purposefully, it was either under drugs, or just did it purposefully
Ray: Easy enough
by Zwoo June 03, 2007
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