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Metal is the best music around. It combines insane guitar riffs with deep bass rythems and heart pounding drum beats. It is often fast pased and there is screaming involved.

To all those people who bash metal:
Get over yourself, we can like metal without haveing you diss it so please stop.

I like rap too and i can tell you that metal involves more talent than rap, I can rap for christ sake.

P.S. Punk sux!
Bill: Dude i just got the new System of a Down CD man!
Leonard: MAN! that CD is pure METAL, its off the hook!

Dude who dont like metal: Rap and Punk rock metal is shit!

Now dead dude who dont like metal: I wish i wasnt so synical or Bill and Leonard wouldnt have beat my ass and killed me.
by Zuxzux January 21, 2005
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A badass DVD showing live concert footage, interviews, outtakes, commentary, easter eggs, soundchecks, and 3 music videos from LAMB OF GOD.

-Lamb of God being one of the best Metal bands out.
person 1 -Hey man I just got Lamb of Gods Killadelphia DVD.
by Zuxzux June 22, 2005
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