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1. One who conforms to the Gothic subculture, as perpetuated by the late 80's/ early 90's kids that started it. Generally, a real goth is an intellectual individual, with interests in non-mainstream religion(s) or philosophy(s). Many prefered independant music and other media, over that of mainstream.
2. Someone smart enough to know that goth has nothin' to fuckin' do with CLOTHES!
Marcy said she was goth. Marcy said she was scene. Marcy proceeded to whine about every fuckin' thing under the sun, wear neon pink skulls all the fuck over, and listen to the crappiest, most mainstream music she could find (as long as the band wore eyeliner). All of Marcy's loser friends followed suit like the sheep they were. Eventually, the real goths got so sick of it, they stopped calling themselves gothic, so that they didn't have to be affiliated with losers like fuckin' Marcy.
by Zosong June 24, 2005
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1. (adj.) Used to refer to bunch of losers, who progressively destroyed the cultural label of goth, and then moved on to the next fad, which is SCENE. (See Real Goth for clarification of what the term "Gothic" meant before Scene kids took it over several years ago.)
2. (adj.) Drama whores, attention whores, whiners, losers, and posers that like to pretend they're cool and/ or nonchalant. Fashion victims that like to pretend they're unique. Wimps who like to pretend that they're badass. (See also; hypocrite.)
3. (adj.) Used as an adjective by scene kids to describe anything they think is cool, AKA, anything that the rest of the world thinks is utterly moronic, pointless, and tiresome.
1. After the dregs of teenage society whored out the term "goth" for a while, they came up with a newer term called "scene", which still meant "loser", but shocked and/ or confused their parents more.
2. Scene kid: "I wish I were scene enough to pretend I wasn't scene! T_T"
3. Scene Kid Tippy: Oh em GEE! I lurve your new HAIR and it's black chaos!
Scene Kid Sarah: I no! It is totally teh scene.
Sarah's Older Sister: Christ, Sarah, did you get your head caught in the fuckin' weed eater?
by Zosong June 24, 2005
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