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A derogatory slang used to insult an unsavory character. Originally founded by a group of close friends, petey stokoe, a young man from Chile, was always the village idiot or the laughing stock of the group. Eventually, an insult arose from the midst. Petey possesses an unusually large melon and a stupid face.
Prips: Look at that petey stokoe, what a bumbling idiot.

Tiko: Yes i concur, his head is huge and theres no way he's smarter than a mentally challenged dutchman.
by Zoran Bozac October 17, 2007

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A female's vagina possessing a rotten or fowl stench, usually synonymous with the smell of fish-sauce or brussels sprouts and string beans. It is a direct result of unsuccessful cleansing of the flaps in the vicinity of the vulva. Often, a rancid flange will have the appearance of a decayed and rotten split opened peach.
Gorge: Man, it smells like string beans and a rotten shit-fart around here. I can't even breath.

Zoran: Yeh, no doubt. Obviously, Prudence just stepped in. She should be sprayed with an elephant hose aimed directly into her twat. I mean, shit, its a safety hazard. Her rancid flange will bring impotence to us all!!
by Zoran Bozac October 17, 2007

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