1 definition by Zoolar

The day my species of NU-Human takes over your pitty planet called Earth.The day this happens your skies will turn maroon and any living creature outside will be stunned. During this time you are stunned hooks will stab your back and you will be shipped of to converging checkpoints that will mutate your DNA. We will set up in the biggest countries such as Canada,Russia, and china due its massive population. In a matter of 3 hours 250,000 humans will be a sub division of the NU-Humans and used as slaves to build our teseract temples the process will be long and grueling. In order to speed up the process we will use Earths gravitational pull setting the moon off course in a destructive path crashing into Venus. When that happens cosmic ash will block out the sun casuing astronomical freezing of Earth during this time lapse the NU-Human will have fully taken over Ooley currently known as Earth. This is only the first phase of Mission Corrupt.
January 15 2033 Mission Corrupt will first impact Earth.

You have been warned.
by Zoolar January 1, 2009