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Someone between 20-29 years old.

When you start to look a man, and suddenly, more appealing to the opposite sex than you were, during your narrow shoulders and facial acne times.

Your ultimate physical and intelectual peak, for musical composition to football games. If you are vicenarian, just try to start something interesting about your life...
Pelé was a vicenarian (29), when Brazil won 1970 FIFA's World Cup

The Beatles were vicenarians (25-27), during Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album recording

Bob Dylan was vicenarian (24), during Like a Rolling Stonecomposition

Michael Phelps was vicenarian (23), during Pequim Olympic games 2008, when he won 8 golden medals

Charles Darwin was vicenarian (22) when he started the Beagle journey

William Shakespeare was a vicenarian (about 20), when he started writing
by Zitarrosa July 23, 2009
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