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Acronym for Waking My Family, rapidly becoming an internet colloquialism. It generally suggests an overly-humourous conversation.
hahaha dude please this is too hilarious, you're making me laugh so loud i'm wmf.
by Zhe August 15, 2006
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See you later. Derived from the slang term "laters" and bastardized for sleek and amusing usage, "ladies" is rapidly becoming an Internet colloquialism. Its general mainstream use is in online instant messenger conversations, ergo, improvisation to its usage is continually developing.
buddy1: "alright man, it's late and i got uni tomoz, ladies"
buddy2: "kk ladies"

cooldude: "lols ur funny, newais, i'm ladies man"
dooshdude: "what? whatta player!"
nerddude: "ladies? where?"

pro@dota: "omfg and then the noob rage quits..."
pro@css: "farrr, that's ladies"
by Zhe May 14, 2007
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