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Waste Of Life.

A special breed of humans, created through a mistake by evolution. Not many exist since they dont procreate.
Not all WOF's are male, but off the type that ventures online, 100% is infact male
(rule 16. There are NO girls on the internet.)
They have a lot of time since their mental and physical disfigurations keep them from having any
form of a social interaction outside of the anonymousity offered by the internet.
A WOL is not born, but spawns whenever trash meets toxic waste.

You recognice a WOL by its flames, trolls, large collection of collectables and if you see one in real life, their physicall appearance will burn your eyes.

Only way to get rid of a WOL is decapitation. Against more then one, fire is recommended.
"Man, that writer of CAD is such a douche."
"You mean Tim Buckley?"
"Yeah, he is difinitly a WOL"
by ZeroLive April 06, 2008
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