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-Conservative E-Thug
-Peace Hater
-Ann Coulter's Penis
-Massive NRA Supporter... Canada has stricter gun laws, and they have lower death rates... Coincidence?
-Assumes the Rock Against Bush CD is made by liberals, and not hippies just trying to sell records
-Someone with the nerve to post this:
"Seen on a bathroom stall wall: GAYS ARE BOUND FOR HELL.
Me writing in response: True Dat."
-Christian Lunatic
-Worst Legionary ever
Jim: Did you see The Loyal Bush Legionary's post about Homosexuals?
John: Ya man, it was revolting and disgusting, its a shame that people like that have to exist.
Jim: What a gay hating asshat.
John: AssBelonk
Jim: Ya... Belonk
by ZeeLaw July 13, 2006

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A regular attendee of Youth Groups. Goes around bragging about their affiliation with a religious support group. Used to create friends in church, as those people can not do so without the guidance of God
Jim: Look at all those Hitler Youth.
Jane: Dude, don't you mean Youth Troopers?
Jim: Oh ya that's right... Youth Trooper
by ZeeLaw June 19, 2006

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-A fail-safe term use, incase their is a heaven.
-Someone who is experiencing hard times, who is willing to accept anything to save them from dispair, even to go as low as christianity.
-About as difficult as writing your name down on a peice of paper

Tom: Hey Mark, I became a born again christian!!!
Mark: Wow man, I can relate, today I was able to bounce a ball of the wall and catch it!
by ZeeLaw July 05, 2006

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