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English Council estate folk who do their weekly shopping at Poundstretcher, Quicksave or Lidl. Families usually consist of an ape like father, a scraggy bleach blond wife at least 10 years his junior and between 4 and 12 snotty nosed kids of varying ages running around causing havoc. PWT fathers are unlikely to have real jobs, instead making ends meet by doing "cash in hand" jobs while the mother collects the family benefit, of which 20% goes on food for the week and the other 80% goes towards the fathers trip to the pub or the mothers bingo and scratchcard addition. The kids, no matter how young, will all spout seriously bad language as that is all their God forsaken illiterate spawn of the devil parents speak. PWT can be seen regularly on TV programs such as 'Trisha' (English version of Jerry Springer) where they believe that by going on national TV to tell the world that the troll of a spouse has cheated on them will bring them the acclaim reserved for Nobel prize winners. PWT can also be seen at chain restaurants such as Beefeaters as they think they are dead posh, a typical romantic evening for PWT will consist of a couple of pints, to a Beefeater for a steak dinner then the man dropping the woman off before going back to the pub with his simian brothers.
We went to the pub on Sunday and it was full of PWT so we f****d off to another one.
by Ze Lion October 06, 2003
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Old 80s school insult recently ressurected
You f*****g dicksplash!
by Ze Lion October 06, 2003
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