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When someone is very suspicious and you gotta call a nigga out.
*in a game lobby*
Nigga 1: bruh you have 8 kills and 0 deaths and haven't missed a shot, you're acting hella sus
Nigga 2: stfu trash bronze git gud
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by ZXopher February 24, 2018

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A thot-free zone is a place or group chat of only bros, no hoes. The Thot Patrol operates out of these when off-duty.
Dude, all these thots are filling up our group chat!

What about the Discord?

They're in there too!

Don't worry, we can go to the Thot-Free Zone.
by ZXopher September 27, 2017

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A thot supreme is the overlord of all thots, the bane of the Thot Patrol. Recruiter of lesser thots and hoes, bane of all manhood.
Dude, why did you leave the group chat last night?
Thot Supreme joined, man. The chat's full of nudes and the others are joining. It's back to the Thot Patrol for us.
by ZXopher September 26, 2017

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