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An evil corporation that corrupted GameFAQs. Their CEO is Satan, and other workers include:
Adolf Hitler
George W. Bush
A male prostitute (to give the other workers buttsekz, they love buttsekz)
CJayC (unfortunately, he used to be good)
A few gorillas (they coded the sites, ya know)
A CATS (from Zero Wing) fan (to help make all your site belong to CNet)
Osama bin Ladin (CNet's HQ is where he's been hiding)
A robot that runs on Windows ME
Other equally evil people
by ZJayZ July 24, 2004
1. The way a Japanese person would say "the"

2. The American name for the letter Z (compare with "zed" elsewhere)
1. A Japanese person would probably say "The bus is going to Vermont" as "Zee boss eez going to Bahmont", as Japanese does not have the 'i' sound in fish, the the 'th' sounds in then or thin, the 'er' sound in 'first', or the 'v' sound in 'vitamin'.

2. Ay, bee, cee, dee, ee, eff, gee, aych, eye, jay, kay, ell, emm, enn, oh, pee, kyew, are, ess, tee, you, vee, double-you, ex, why, zee
by ZJayZ January 31, 2005