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1.A two finger stab at a vagina.
May or may not be warranted.
May or may not be expected.

2.A unexpected punch to the vagina.
Encouraged to undermine a female's
authority in a given situation.
1.Oh man I totally gave Shirley a koo shot last night before we fucked.
2.Then after Shirley passed out some random hobo came by and gave her a koo shot.
3.This bitch came up to us and started yelling and shit so out of no where Kyle gave her a koo shot and she went down.
by Z Diddy March 28, 2005

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An Amercian legend such as Paul Bunyon, or Jhonny Appleseed. Horsebone is a horse that was violently killed when a plane crashed into him. Using modern technology scientist rebuilt the horse, creating horsebone! An awkward resembelance of a horse, horsebone's back two legs are made of huge springs, and has many electronic devices grafted to him, as well as a pink umbrella on his spine. Horsebone's purpose is unknow but theorists suggest he is an inadequate crime fighter.
1 Horsebone? Horsebone? What the fuck is that?

2 Dude, horsebone rules.

3 Remember kids before you run with scissors, think. Would horsebone do that?
by Z Diddy March 02, 2005

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