6 definitions by Yung Cheese

So imma level with you, it’s bad, really, really bad. He’s a 14 y/o dipshit canadian that plays xbox and likes to annoy the shit out of his peers for his own entertainment. One of his favorite pastimes is Dick and ball.
by Yung Cheese July 2, 2019
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$nacks is just basically an absolute legend in every way possible.
Yooo it’s that boi $nacks, man i wish i had a percent of his talent.
by Yung Cheese June 26, 2019
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Alright you guys, get yourself a big bowl of popcorn and buckle up this definition is gonna be long as FUCK.

Alright (knuckles pop)... here we go. So this little dipshit goes by many names; faggot, nigger faggot, dumbass faggot, honestly i’d be here for hours if i listed every name or “phrase” he answers to.

So if you are unfortunate enough to encounter one of these... things... you should probably run and not look back until you’re 100% sure you’re in safety. And if you are unable to run, don’t look at it in the face, it will take it as kindness and start saying words that it’s somehow able to string together, and call them “funny memes”. These are some of the “funny memes”; Punishment chair, who, gay sex cum, turtle song in Persian, Cumbucks, youtube machine broke, TAXES, Basically i’m monkey, ape, etc.

When you start to feel a connection with it, disregard that instinct, he will misinterpret the friendship for a hot and gay-cringe relationship. It will try to cum at you. mhm, at you. but that’s not the half of it but i don’t have all day to describe this god forsaken retard. Nigga out.
by Yung Cheese July 2, 2019
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One of Dipshit5104 favorite pastimes that he enjoys spending with Keegan Hockey
Ya like dick and balls? And Cock too?
by Yung Cheese June 29, 2019
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All the nigga does is COD Zombies easter eggs and plays minecraft. Is in legal relationship with a man named “Keegan Hockey”. But he is also in an affair with “Aiden Lotus”. And also the man rarded.
Ew what the fuck is that?”
That’s a Dipshit5104
by Yung Cheese June 27, 2019
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Person 1.) ew, what the fuck is that?

Person 2.) oh it’s Dipshit5104
by Yung Cheese June 26, 2019
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