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Sylvi is the sister that no one wants. She is that girl in the family who is adopted. She is blond... like dirty blond with blue eyes. She must be German because that's what German people look like. She is that girl who when you are playing mini sticks she will break her nose. You can say anything you want to her but she is hard of hearing so she probably wont know. She is so ugly but she is my best friend and I dont know what I would do without her!!!
Guy: Bro my parents just adopted some German girl
Other guy: damn so you got your self a sylvi
by Yoyo Lama mama December 23, 2018

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Arnie is an old man who shows no sympathy for anyone other than himself. He's a total asshole to his poor wife and he smokes weed in the presence of his grandkids. He starts fights at family gatherings and is often found with a few too many drinks in his hand. By the end of the night, three bottles of wine are completely empty and no one knows how.
Grandkid: Why does the entire house smell like straight up dope in here?
Mom: Must be Arnie.
Grandkid: Makes sense .
by Yoyo Lama mama December 24, 2018

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